Fall Looks Like


Yellow. The hue is changing in Seattle. The leaves are gold. Rustic even. The Autumn air is crisp. I keep trailing right to the M’s contention for the playoffs. Alas, it’s over.

Grace. It’s the feeling of sweatpants at the end of a crumby day. As of late, I’ve been thinking about the mystery and outstretched bounds of the grace of Jesus. Grace is the TNT Wiley Coyote gets blown up by and he doesn’t die. He gets up. 

Retreat. Yes, the retreat from all the voices to hear the one I’ve been waiting for. The still, small voice to remind me of everything I am. Who I was from the very beginning, and to protect the call of God on my life at all costs.

Fullness. Here I found my hands clutched in my coat pocket. The breeze chipped at my nose. My feet were heavily protected in my black boots. I walked like every step had a purpose. I was searching. I was filled with awe as I was still. I found contentedness. My mind was at rest. A hot almond tea w tapioca would’ve made it better. I could see my breath. The night was cool. I like this time of year.

posted on 30.09.14


1. Picnic
2. Roof
3. Rain
4. Pillow
5. Art

6. New Sounds
7. Rhymes
8. New tastes
9. First week of Autumn
10. Super sun

posted on 23.09.14

10 Renewed

image1. Donuts
2. Freely Giving
3. Tennis 
4. Being at Aimee and Dustin’s catchin the Master Chef finale
5. Hot Tea

6. Fortress of Solitude
7. Waiting
8. New, Classic
9. Sounders w/ J and the Bali’s
10. Qadosh (Hebrew for sacred)

posted on 16.09.14

1. Favorites that are really my favorites.

1. Favorites that are really my favorites.

posted on 12.09.14

10 That Cali Tour

1. Awesome soundtracks in car rides, the Imagination booth, walking around Disneyland. Music everywhere
2. Ppl walking on the streets all the time
3. Fam

4. Open skies
5. Laughing really hard, and watching my bro iron the carpet to get candle wax off
6. Unique laughs
7. Hospitality

8. Jumbo marshmallows, shrimp w/ that sauce
9. Jam Sessions, Watching rehearsals
10. Real sand

posted on 09.09.14

Dear in the Headlights

I hear too many voices telling me that I need something more than Jesus Christ. 


~W. Wiersbe

posted on 09.09.14


1. Hope
2. Starting again
3. Red coke
4. Hopia
5. Oil pastels

6. Psalm 112
7. Time to be still
8. Those who act upon justice
9. Those who comfort the despaired
10. Grilled corn

posted on 25.08.14


1. Waitimage2. Yumi and Jada
3. Legendary donuts
4. Ebenezer
5. A letter
6. The completion of good ideas
7. Secret talents
8. Cousin time
9. Guardians of the Galaxy w/ my bro
10. Jesus my King

posted on 19.08.14


1. Fresh air

2. Robin Williams in Good Will Hunting
3. Lightning at Safeco. Fun game to be at. Go M’s!
4. Tragedy
5. Peace
6. Creative spurts with Derek

7. Short ribs
8. Root beer floats
9. Service
10. Prayer

posted on 12.08.14

10 Deep Breath

1. Time to pause
2. Presence
3. Work
4. Tennis w/ the Titos
5. Eve

6. Capitol Hill
7. Rehearsing
8. M’s
9. Clean desktop
10. The Bigger Picture

posted on 05.08.14

This is powerful. #biggerontheinside

This is powerful. #biggerontheinside

posted on 02.08.14


1. 830am band rehearsal 
2. Spamusubi
3. Tennis
4. Cali friends visitin’ Seattle
5. Northlakeimage

6. Sittin down
7. Peace
8. The bigger picture
9. Initiative
10. Halo-halo

posted on 29.07.14

1. This is true.

1. This is true.

posted on 24.07.14

10 The Summer

1. Volleyball
3. Mac
4. M’s
5. Still

6. G and TM on bass and drums
7. Mystery
8. Guitars
9. Rehearsing
10. The Sandlot

posted on 22.07.14


1. Dreamers
3. Peacemakers
4. The Compassionate
5. Nightsky Stars 

6. Surprise visits from my Uncle Bong
7. Clean Desktop
8. Servant Leadership
9. Big bag of fries at Transformers
10. The poor

posted on 16.07.14

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